Action-Based Campaigns

“Content-based” Marketing is today’s catchphrase, but if you sell B2B solutions, has there ever been any other kind?

All marketing starts your objectives and ends with actions you want specific people to take: Buy me, sell me, cover me, work for me, fund me. You need to tell a compelling story that describes the problems you solve and why you’re better than alternatives. But that means something different to each target. It has to be packaged to fit the context you want and the frame of reference they have. And it will get consumed differently according to the channel it’s in.

Build once, adapt a lot. PR agencies or creative services firms often lack the integrated experience to know how to best leverage content across channels to hit each target for the right action, but for us, it’s instinctive. For you, it’s faster, value-added and cost-effective.

Journalists follow the “5Ws & the H” – who, what, why, when, where and how – as the checklist for effective reporting. That’s essentially the method we follow in this process to make sure we hit your targets. We’ve translated the 5Ws & the H to the 4Cs for our ABCs. It might read like alphabet soup, but it’s clear in delivery and results.