We begin with your end in mind.

Full Circle is a boutique integrated marketing consultancy, dedicated to B2B software and service companies. We’re not the typical marketing or PR agency; we focus on go-to-market strategy and positioning, create target-driven content and deliver action-based campaigns. Our experience and point-of-view are based translating your specific business objectives and market value to connect with each buyer, influencer and stakeholder.

  • We use proven and practical approaches to help companies communicate a compelling story, fill the sales pipeline, build buzz and strengthen customer and partner relationships.
  • We execute with a team of marketing experts with deep experience in all marketing disciples and global perspectives.
  • Here’s what makes us smart:

    STRATEGIC. While our expertise is in technology, our passion is business – understanding not only the details and nuances of your solutions, but also their connection to broader market issues and trends. It enables us to make your solutions mission-critical in your buyers’ (and partners’) minds and to guide you on “what’s next.

    COMPREHENSIVE. We offer a full range of consulting, program development and implementation services, as well as point support in any and every marcom area – from strategic planning to sales tools.

    HOLISTIC. Effective B-to-B marketing requires compelling content that’s relevant to each target and adapts to the context of each channel. Build once, adapt a lot. It’s a much more efficient and consistent approach. PR agencies or creative services firms often lack the integrated experience or interest to repurpose effectively.

    FLEXIBLE. Our support is built to integrate, but our programs stand strong individually. Resources are flexible, too: Full Circle creates a cohesive and experienced support team of trusted specialists in strategy, content development, creative services, media relations, customer and partner programs; collaborates with your current staff and vendors; or operates as your virtual marketing organization.

    PRACTICAL. Whether “turnkey” marketing programs or targeted recommendations, you get cost-effective solutions with a clear scope, actionable advice and spot-on deliverables. We’ve taken a refreshingly out-of-the-box approach to marketing services with “Marketing in a Box” programs – the essential marketing tools companies need to launch lead gen and media campaigns and arm sales reps and partners, with broader program recommendations as a bonus.

    PERSONAL. We work with only a few clients at a time so we can be truly a part of your company, understanding your motivations and ambitions, the culture of your team and the issues that are most important to you as you grow. It allows us to better connect the dots between your challenges and opportunities and the markets you operate in so we can over-deliver.

    EXPERIENCED. We’ve been part of the high-tech world for 20 years. We’ve been in ground-floor start-ups and large, global organizations – both on the inside and out. We’ve worked with infrastructure and enterprise software vendors; industry solution providers serving government, insurance and telcos; business intelligence innovators; systems integrators and management consultants, giving us a wide array of exposure. We have broad and deep international experience as well, introducing European- and Asian-based companies to the US market, developing and managing worldwide rollouts, and collaborating with clients and partners located around the world.

    EFFECTIVE. We’ve done significant work with more than two dozen clients, including ABeam Consulting, Deloitte, Fox-IT, InSource, PRICE Systems, QlikTech, Qosmos, SAP and Ulticom. Our business comes directly (and only) from client referrals. Whether it’s helping a client solve a specific problem in a few weeks or collaborating in a long-term engagement, we take every client relationship very seriously (but with a dash of fun).